Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scottish Weather Has Arrived

I was planning on golfing again today if the weather continued to be as nice as it has been the past week, but when I woke this morning I was disappointed to see that the sun has retreated behind the soft blanket of clouds. Which is actually not all that bad, I was starting to wonder when the Scottish weather would arrive, and this odd heat wave would dissipate. The clouds looked a little dark so I figured I'd be responsible and check the forecast before I close the door on golfing for the day. As it turns out the "heavy rain" is expected to hit right before my round would begin and the fog is supposed to come in during my round, followed by another "heavy rain" as my round would likely end. So I'm going to pass on the golf today. I refuse to be the victim of another monsoon. Took me a week to dry off from that last time... I also think that golfing in heavy fog would be damn near impossible. This means I will have to come up with something else to do today. There was talk of also going to a beach nearby (I know a beach in Scotland, crazy right?) but I'm going to assume that those plans will likely also be canceled. If the rain holds off for long enough maybe I'll go up Arthur's Seat again, and see what Edinburgh looks like under the veil of fog. And hell maybe if the rain doesn't hold off I'll do it anyway.

I went out to a club last night with some people from my building which was a interesting experience. I'm not much of a club rat, mainly because I don't understand the premise of standing in a crowded room while a DJ uses mostly poor music as a weapon of audio torture, as your ears contemplate suicide. Perhaps if your ears are ringing you won't be able to tell how awful most of the music is? I'd much rather sit in a bar or a pub and drink and talking normally to a person, not screaming into their ear. Regardless of my feeling of clubs I did have fun. I bought a drink at the bar, which I bought purely out of fascination that I it was served a in a plastic yellow bucket (pictured below). A little sweet and light on flavor for my tastes but I was amused by the unique container. Tasted like drinking the liquid manifestation of a hangover. Which made me feel bad as I watched people accumulate their fair share of buckets, as I knew they were going to have a rough Saturday. This is where the talk of the beach came in as we realized we should try to keep some of these buckets for sand castles or something. So we devised a plan to take some home in one of the girls' purses. Which worked out pretty well. We stayed at this club until about 3am, before we decided to call it a night, which could not have come sooner for me. I was eager to leave this deafening sardine can, as it were. We walked about half way back before one of the girls confessed she was too drunk to continue the journey on foot, so we took a cab. Which her boyfriend payed for, which was nice of him. Overall it was a fun night. Nothing quite like going out with people 3 years your junior and watching them struggle with their new legal experience of drinking in public. And struggle they did. But it was entertaining, and that's what its all about right?

Interesting right?

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