Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello and Good Evening

Well I don't have too much to say currently, things are going well. School is keeping me busy, which I suppose is probably good. It's a nice way of directing traffic on the busy highway of thoughts in my head. A few of the cars have been stuck in a round about near the on ramp however. Mostly thoughts of home and family, day dreams of how nice it will be to be picked up at SeaTac airport on the 22nd of December. Another popular model is the thought of what I'm going to do after college. And after waking up at 7am on Saturday to watch the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, and hearing the high pitched whine of an engine operating at 20,000 rpm, I think I have finally decided on that car's destination. In case the multitude of car alliterations weren't a major hint to you, I've began seriously contemplating going to graduate school in Michigan or California and studying further into automotive engineering. Nothing seems to capture my complete attention like the thundering engine of a beautifully designed automobile as it passes by on the street, not even the laugh of a beautiful woman walking in my direction. A situation I found myself in just yesterday on my way to a Tesco with a friend. As a Lamborghini Gallardo, rolled past my friend asked if I noticed the girl that just passed us, I was completely oblivious to her existence, as my attention was fixed on the sculpted lines of the orange super car and the idle sounds of it's massive 10 cylinder engine. Perhaps my priorities are out of whack but when push comes to shove evidently the car is what my eyes craved to look upon. Even in my thermodynamics lecture this morning, I found myself idly paying attention until the professor said the words "combustion engine," from that point on I wrote down every word that came out of his mouth until the lecture ended. This path will require some hard work however, as my knowledge of the inner-workings of an engine are less than professional, but I suppose that is why graduate school is offered.    

Well look at that, turns out I did have a fair amount to say.

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  1. Boy, you did have a lot to say Scotty Boy!!
    Scotland sure has some nice cars, huh?
    I think you are on the right track with graduate school and what you want to study.
    I think you should get in contact with Winston and maybe he can set up something for you with all the car guys he knows in Europe!

    Once again, your blog is wickedly entertaining!
    We love you pooh