Monday, October 17, 2011

Change brought on by necessity

Well after being caught in ANOTHER royal soaking, compliments of the Scottish weather system, I have made some changes to my gear. The small "backup" umbrella I kept in my gym bag was promptly destroyed by the wind after attempting to use it today to keep by backpack dry. With all the arms compound fractured, I was forced to use it as a limp blanket, awkwardly attached to a stick, in attempt to conserves the dryness of my backpack. While performing admirably for the most pathetic umbrella in all of Scotland, it was not enough and my bag did get pretty wet. Nothing was damaged, but the bottom of my notebooks got a little wet and caused that annoying "wet/dried paper wave" on the bottom quarter inch or so on all of them. Thankfully I managed to fix them by placing each, one by one under my laptop and running large programs. The heat and weight of my laptop managed to smooth and dry them off. However, I would not stand for such shoddy backpack performance again. As this bag was supposed to be "weather proof" I decided I needed something more extreme. I went online and ordered a 100% waterproof backpack meant for surfing or kayaking or some other water activity where you shouldn't be wearing a backpack anyway. No matter, I think this should suffice for my needs. Not only is it pretty cool looking but it also floats, so in case the rain gets really bad, or I fall into a Loch on my way to class I won't need to think, maybe if I had a life-preserver this predicament I'm in would be much easier. A thought which I know plagues all of us constantly. It also graded acceptable for "quick, full submersion," so even if I dive in said Loch, the bag will be fine as it floats to the surface. All a bit overboard, which comically is the name of the manufacturer, I know but I had to draw the line somewhere. Now the only low point in my defense against the rain is my shoes. As rain boots are only for 5 year-olds and females, I will have to find an alternate solution.

In other news, since I forgot to post a well, post over the weekend I'll give you a short recap. I needed to head into town to get a new kilt pin and to buy my bowtie, so I headed out. Whilst searching diligently for my ideal kilt pin, photographed below, I happened upon another lovely piece of art. A Ferrari 458 Italia, white with yellow brake calipers, a 4.5L V8 engine, and a top speed of 202mph. Lovely machine. I took a look around it, looking at the clear window to the engine, looked inside, and took a photo, then as the mob of onlookers realized there was a Ferrari near them swarmed in, I left for another shop. To my surprise just as I left this shop the owner had come by. I had expected a cool older gentleman, but what was before me was, for lack of a better term, a complete and utter c**k. Dripping from head to toe with over-sized and over-polished gold jewelry, designer sunglasses, that tried very hard to make you completely aware they were designer sunglasses, and a Ferrari polo. Needless to say a line came to mind: "A man with priorities so out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile. No no, apparently you don't understand. Ferris. He never drives it, he just rubs it with a diaper..." But I digress, and must stop before the entire script to that movie is transcribed. Anyway now that the owner was in the car, he offered a girl a ride down the street, oddly she accepted and he took off, with a glorious V8 symphony of sound echoing off the ancient city walls of the Royal Mile. He shortly turned around and brought her back. And I'm pretty sure he spent the next few hours trying to pick up other women with the same tactic. Apparently the impression I got from his clothes weren't completely off base from his whole personality. But I had better things to do than watch a creepy man in a fancy car try to pick up loose women. So I departed, bought my bow-tie and returned home.

The Pin to match the Stewart Clan tartan


  1. Certainly a sweet ride! Stay dry (and thirsty) my friend.

  2. Another classic blog post Scotty Boy!
    Does this backpack company sell shoes?? If they do, check it out!

  3. Sounds like you may have hit on the right gear to keep your goods dry. Now you have to find something to keep you dry.
    Love the Kilt.
    Love you, NANA