Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fine, Go, You've Stayed Your Hour

I was pretty busy all week and I never seemed to get a chance to write anything down here, but as it is Sunday I have some time right now. I got my waterproof backpack, which is nice. Except it hasn't rained since Monday so I hasn't really been used in the rain yet. As it seems Scotland is a little greedy with its rain. Come the first real day of the week it decides to spend its entire rain quota in a few hours. Then with no more allowance it must wait a whole other week to rain again. Which is nice, if you can brave the storm on that single day, the rest of the week is relatively dry. Its been getting progressively colder here week by week, of course the wind chill has a lot to do with that. I'm curious about the temperatures come December, but I suppose I will cross that frozen bridge when I come to it. Friday finally came and I had a little bit of time to relax before I was off to the Ceildh. Which was extra fun this time because I got to wear my kilt for a good reason this time. Not that I feel there is ever a bad reason to wear one, unless of course its snowing and there is a cold arctic breeze or something... because that might be hard to deal with. The Ceildh was really fun, despite a little short. Although that was our fault for arriving so late. Walking to and from the venue was really entertaining since I was in full formal Scottish attire. Got a few whistles and hollers, which was a little awkward. We didn't get home until 1:30am, and of course right after I finished getting changed out of my attire at about 1:45, the fire alarm went off, so I had to get dressed in whatever I could find quickly and head outside, where it was very cold...  Rather annoying. I spent pretty much all day Saturday doing laundry and working on my paper that is due on Friday, it's about steroids in baseball and physics. Which since I'm American is much easier because I was watching baseball during the steroid era and already know the rules of the game. The non-US students had to do a lot of research on how the game actually works before they could start. Saturday night at around 11:15 my friend Soak came knocking on my door asking if I wanted to go to a pub with everyone. Having felt like I did a fair amount of work I decided to join. Which was fun. I had a few pints of McEwan's Export, a favorite of Mr. Stuart Mackenzie (featured below for your viewing pleasure). It's actually very good beer, and I think I'll start ordering it when it's available. We didn't stay out too late last night, as the pubs in this country close at 1am we were forced to return home relatively early. With no Formula One race to watch this weekend I got to sleep in a little bit longer than I usually do on Sundays. Overall it was a pretty good week. And the time is flying by here. With the exception of a few days each week, the days seem to be passing very very quickly. Which I can't complain about because the sooner classes are over the sooner I will have some breathing room to do some more exploring, and maybe play some more golf, if the weather permits it. Only 6 more weeks of classes then 1 exam and I'll be free for Christmas break. Which is very exciting. 

Oh and in another homage to both Stuart Mackenzie and this country I set up my own Scottish Wall of Fame. Also featured below. 

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