Friday, October 14, 2011

Is a Proud New Owner...

Of a full "Prince Charlie Kilt Uniform!" Having recently discovered that kilts were far more adjustable than I previously expected, I decided I would buy one now, that I could always adjust down as I continue to lose weight (down ~20lbs so far). Thankfully I managed to get one that fits nicely at one of the larger adjustment sizes but has about 5-6 inches of tightening left in it. The vest and jacket fit nicely now as well but should fit well even after some more pounds are pleasantly misplaced from my midsection. I do still need to buy a bow-tie as the ones in the store weren't very nice and were expensive, and I know for a fact I can buy a nicer 100% silk bow-tie downtown for about half the price. I also would like to buy a different kilt pin, the one that was included with the "package" isn't exactly what I wanted, but I know those aren't terribly expensive either. But I need to do some exercise tomorrow and walking around downtown getting those items will probably do the trick.

And allow me to say this. I have never been more comfortable in dress clothes than I am in this outfit. There are no annoying buttons that need to be dealt with, no zippers, and you've got to love not wearing any knickers. After all, how can you argue with a nice refreshing breeze. With all of that taken into account, I am totally going to wear a uniform like this when I get married. No doubt about that at all.

CLARIFICATION: No I am not alluding to anything with the previous statement. All allegations of me getting married any time soon, or having found a lass in this country are purely speculation and I assure you are completely false.


  1. You are a true "Scotsman!"

    You look so handsome in your kilt and we can't wait to see you in that when you get married!
    Now, that being said, "you aren't getting married any time soon are you?" Hahaha!

    Great to talk to you again sweetie.
    Lots of love,

  2. WOW, don't you look spiffy. Do I dare ask what do you wear under the kilt re: the nice refreshing breeze. You look so handsome. I think that's the same plaid that Papa's slacks were. I think we gave them to Stuart.
    I'm caught up with the blogs. Thanks for another great blog.