Saturday, October 1, 2011

Foggy Trip to the Craigs

Before dinner I meet up with some friends who wanted to go the Craigs to see what they were like in the heavy fog that settled in. I was planning on doing just that after dinner, so we all went together. Allow me to first say that never before have I found such peace as sitting on a rock near a ledge where all you can see in front of you, below you, and above you is grey fog. It is like sitting in a cloud. If the rain hadn't started to fall I probably would have sat there for hours. In fact the next time such fog comes in I plan to. With your visual senses dulled by the fog, you can hear the breeze moving through the long grass and the light rain drops gently landing on the rocks surrounding you, and a sense of ease and peace descends upon you, like a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

I managed to get some pictures from up there, as we moved through the fog to the various high points.

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! Once again, your writing is so engaging and I think you should be a writer!
    I would have loved to be sitting with you in that fog....seems a bit like Heaven.

    I love you,