Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Busy Couple of Weeks

My apologies for not posting in a few weeks, things have been pretty busy around here. I was meaning to make a post this past weekend, but got too busy with writing a paper and preparing a presentation. But those have been handed in a presented now, so I have a little more down time. In fact today I have a little too much down time and don't really know what to do. As free time has become ever more rare in time of late, I'm struggling to remember what I do with my time when I'm not studying or doing homework. Things will start winding down now as this semester starts reaching its end. I only have standard weekly assignments left, no more big projects or papers, which is nice. I am still unaware of the specifics of my finals schedule, all I know is that all 6 of them will take place sometime in May. I won't know more until the 19th when they FINALLY post the schedule. Until then I'll just be plugging along with my work, trying to squeeze in some more adventures before I make my return Stateside. Pending my finals schedule, I plan on making some trips outside of Edinburgh, to Saltcoats or Stirling, in April. Go see some more of the countryside before I return. I can say however, that if I was coming home tomorrow, I wouldn't have many regrets about what I have done here. Although I do wish school was a little less demanding so I could go explore more. But we play with the cards we are dealt.

I'll likely be returning to my regular weekend posts as things wind down, so I'll be here again on Sunday.

TTFN, ta ta for now.

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  1. You sure can write an entertaining post Scotty Boy!

    I know you are working hard--keep it up! You are doing a great job!

    Sure love you.