Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not quite as nice of a golf tale as last time...

Well I went golfing again today, same course as last time, but struggled a little bit more this time. Probably because I haven't swung a club since September, but it wasn't terrible. Struggled a good deal off the tee but was pretty solid in the mid and short game. Made a few nice chips and a few solid putts, but just couldn't get the driver to cooperate. Things were going decently well, I was behind a foursome so I was playing 2 balls which was nice. Everything was going reasonably smoothly until the 18th. Sliced my second tee shot pretty bad, and as I realized it was heading in the direction of the "middle-aged to old" guy behind me, I yelled FOUR! Well evidently this guy was going deaf or maybe the wind carried my voice past him or something, because he freaked out. My ball landed about a yard or two away from him, and he was not happy about it. So as I approach him I can hear him cussing me out, no big deal, he's mad which was totally understandable. I apologize profusely, completely taking the blame and saying I must not have yelled loud enough in my now raspy voice. It's here I notice that he just isn't having any of it, and keeps yelling, all the while stand right over my ball. So I figured I'd fight fire with fire, and intimidate him right back. Staring him straight in the eyes, I again apologize, this time a little more angrily and aggressively, walk up to him forming tight fists with my hands, and stand in front of him until he backed away from my ball. Wherein I picked it up, went to my first balls location, and finished my round. But I was smart enough not to stick around for too long, changed my shoes and went home. So I guess it was equally as exciting as last time, but in a completely different way. And thank god my genetics made me a good size, otherwise I imagine this would have not played out so "smoothly."   

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  1. I am very proud of the way you handled yourself Scotty Boy! That guy was probably having a really bad day or he really had a crappy golf game going on! Anyway, you were respectful and smart! And, that guy must have realized that you were no slouch!! You are too big to be messing with!!
    Love you pooh.