Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Society Fair

There were tons of student run clubs at this fair, at least a few hundred. Got pamphlets from the beer society, the astronomy society, the physics society, the golf society, a Celtics FC society, the Edinburgh motor sport club, and got recruited for an American football team, but we will see how far my interest goes in that. Unfortunatly I was unable to find the whiskey appreciation society, but it might not exist anymore, unfortunately. All in all a pretty successful trip to the fair. I already paid the 3 pound entry fee for the beer, physics, and astronomy societies, but will have to fork over a little bit more cash for the others. As of now I think I'll try to join most of these with the exception of the American football team, which I'm on the fence about. But we will how it plays out. The golf society give me discounted green fees to all the nearby golf courses so that one is a definite. The Celtic society give me discounted tickets and travel to some of the home games so that's certainly a good option, especially because then I can rock my Bobby Lennox jersey. 

Got to head out for another meet and greet in the Kings Buildings, so that's all for now. 


  1. So glad to hear that you joined a few of the Sociey Clubs! Of course, they would love to have you play American Football---they were probably super excited when they saw you! They could use your offensive line expertise eventhough it's been years since you played. Maybe tomorrow you can play the course that is outside your window.
    Love you Scott