Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful Day Across the Pond

Very clear day out here today, still a little cold, especially when the wind picks up, but overall not too bad. Spent a lot of time walking already today. As it turned out the meeting I had in the King's Buildings this afternoon was actually re-scheduled to yesterday, which I went to. So this meeting was the same one I had already except for people who didn't get the re-schedule memo. But I tried a new path to get there and a new path back, to do a little exploring, which there is a lot of time for on the 2 mile walk from Kings to my room... I'm going to try to find a pub tonight to watch the Man U and Real Madrid Champions League games, so I'll need to do a little exploring to find a good sports pub, shouldn't be too hard. Working on getting my class schedule completed, which is positive, that will be a big weight off my mind. Then the only other major things I need to finish up are my matriculation and meeting with the health office, and maybe registering with the police, I'm not sure if I need to do that yet.

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