Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Proper Post Upon my Return

So today was pretty eventful, I got my matriculation done, then since I was already in town I decided to stop off and see the castle. I however did not get to see the whole thing because, as you can see from one of the pictures below, the line was huge to buy a ticket, so I walked around what i was allowed to without a ticket and left. The bleachers where there because the Scottish Military Tattoo was a few weeks ago, bummer that I missed it. Although I was told you needed to buy tickets to it about a year in advance... I walked around the Royal Mile for a bit longer then headed back to my room. As I got closer to my building however I could hear bagpipes, getting louder and louder as I got closer to my building. So I went looking around for the source, turns out one of the assistant RAs, Liam, can really wail, so I captured a short video of it. Well I got settled in my room and realized that on such a rare, nice day with such little wind I should probably try to climb Arthur's Seat. So I looked up the trail maps and headed out. I took the long route and headed around the peak before climbing the backside of it (saying peak makes it seem like a serious mountain, but it's probably no bigger than Little Si back home) Got a lot of really nice pictures from the trail and from the top of Arthur's Seat. You can see absolutely everything from up there. There are no trees to block the view and you can see the complete 360 degrees with no obstructions. Even got a few pictures of my dorm from up there. Really enjoyable trip.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome outting today! the pictures of the Castle are really cool and I love that you climbed the little mountain behind your dorm. Dad will be so happy to hear about that!
    The bag piper video was super cool too!
    Boy Scott, you sure are living in a cool place.
    Love that you got yourself in a couple of pictures. You look great.
    Love you,
    Mum (notice that I am using this different spelling--I think, I actually prefer this!)

  2. Wow your sure learning the lay of the land. Love the pictures especially the Scot's man sitting on the stool. Sounds like your keeping busy and will be with all the extra activities you signed up for. Papa & I toured the castle and they had a place where you could have your picture taken in all the Scotchmen garb. Papa refused, darn.
    Great pictures, you'er looking great.
    So proud of you. Love you, NANA