Thursday, April 5, 2012

The List of Lasts

As my time here continues to wain, I'm beginning to take notice of a few things. Tomorrow for example will be the last time I walk to the physics building, yesterday my last tutorial section met its end, and the day before saw the conclusion of my final physics lecture . Although I can't say I'm going to miss having class, I am not discounting the experience of going to a foreign university. As my classes come to a close I realize I am a mere 6 finals (mere being an odd word for SIX finals, but no matter) away from completing my time here. A bitter sweet moment to be sure. A few steps closer to graduation and a life outside of school, but a tragic departure from the place I have come to call home over the past 7 months. So while I am eager to return to the United States, a place I am rather ashamed to say seems foreign to my mind, I will certainly miss this place. A lot was accomplished here, and perhaps more was discovered. In my remaining time, I wish only to prepare well for these exams, and in that final week after my last exam and before my return flight, to soak up so much of this place that my mind becomes a soggy wet sponge of experiences... but, you know, in a good way...


  1. Can't believe your school year is coming to a close in Edinburgh. What a great experience you have had in Scotland Scotty Boy! You are at one of the top universities and you are in your Homeland!
    You have lots to be proud of--we certainly are proud of you!
    Continue to study for those 6 finals and I know you and Stuart will have a wonderful time in a couple of weeks.That will be so much fun for the two of you brothers.
    love you Pooh.

  2. Just a few more days and Stuart will be with you to have a wee bit of a study break. You boys will have a blast.
    Study hard till he gets there.
    Love you pooh,