Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Call

It's closing time, as it seems. 

I will be rather preoccupied tomorrow finalizing all my travel arrangements, packing, printing boarding passes, online check-ins, and the like, so I figured today would be the best day to give my closing post it's due respect and attention. 

It's been a remarkable 9 months. I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this country, a time I will not soon forget or let fade. I think being isolated a great distance from my usual territory has been a wholly positive experience, one that I regret must come to an end. My relocation back to the States will be one of mixed emotion. I look forward to seeing everyone again, but I will be conflicted with a sense of the now unfamiliar country I used to call home. A truly remarkable country, with truly remarkable people, Scotland has been more to me than a region, a sovereign state of the UK, it has been a home. She has been my home for the last 9 months. A home that has treated me quite well, and one that fills me with great hesitation to vacate. With my usual verbiage unable to explain the connection I have fostered with this place, I find myself struggling to conjure words powerful enough to convey my current thoughts of leaving this place. 

But as the dog of fate yet again pees against the leg, I must carry on with this post and inevitably carry on with my departure from this dear country. And although I was far more consumed with school work than I had previously thought imaginable, I was able to see the city of Edinburgh for all of her glory. I regret not finding the time to make my way to the Highlands or explore the far reaches of Scotland, but I assure you all, and more importantly myself, that this will not be the last time I enter Scotland's boarders. For as much as I have accomplished in my time here, there is more to be done in this country. I have not given this fine place in the world the thorough exploration she deserved, and I will return to complete this task. Not that I desire to underplay the wonderful experiences I have had in Edinburgh over the past 9 months. I simply wish to stress that this will not be the final time I call Scotland home, whether that be for another temporary stay or one of more permanence. 

So with that I leave you, and I leave Scotland. 

Scotch-Hunter over and out. 

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  1. Once again a great blog. I know you will return to complete your journey.
    Auntie Pat says Hi.
    Looking forward to seeing you on 6/8.
    Love you, NANA